What Was The Agreement Between Laban And Jacob To Separate The Cattle

The overall answer to the questions at this point is that there was a providential means with which God made Jacob prosper, although Laban tried to deceive and deceive him (Genesis 31:7-8). Laban began to see that God was blessing Jacob`s flocks, and he changed the conditions of the good deal indiscriminately and repeatedly. When we read this passage, we must keep in mind that Jacob did not deceive Laban, that God thwarted Laban`s fraud on him. Apparently, God had come to Jacob in a dream and told him what to do, and then God said at the birth of the sheep and goats to produce all that Laban had forced Jacob to withdraw from the flocks. We are not told in Scripture whether God miraculously altered the genetic composition of herds, or if he divinely guided those with genetic information for scratches, spots and/or mottlings to outdo other animals. But one way or another, it was hidden. God inserted Jacob under the circumstances. He had to go home and be reunited with his family. Jacob was not worried about convincing his father-in-law (see Verses 17ff.), but he found it necessary to have the support of his wives. They have to choose between their father and their husband. To have a private conversation, Jacob called his wives in the fields to him.

Perhaps we try to excuse our deception by insisting that we live in a « twisted and perverse generation » (Philippians 2:15). We have come to the conclusion that the only way to survive in such a society is to overcome the disadvantages. Jacob may have filled his conscience and remembers that Laban could not be treated on a simple basis. But the apostle Paul did not say this: Genesis 30:40 And Jacob separated the lambs, and pointed the faces of the flocks on the way to the ring, and all the browns of Laban`s flock; He put his own herds alone, and he did not put them in Laban`s cattle. « What am I going to give you »: Laban wanted Jacob to stay and ask him what he wanted to do for him. Jacob wanted nothing more than to be able to god bless him. He was ready to stay, but he was not guilty of Laban`s selfishness and selfishness. In Jacob`s defense, he puts himself under a very favourable light. He`s the knight in shining armor, while Laban is the real villain.

Jacob worked hard (verse 6), but Laban was the cheater (verse 7). Laban has continued to change the terms of its agreement (around 8).

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