Uwindsor Faculty Collective Agreement

Pasma said that many contract faculties do not have an office or have to share with other teachers in the same situation, making personal meetings with students « very overcrowded » and « less than ideal. » « We also have a category of meeting managers in our collective agreement, so they are people who teach six courses, but they have salaries that are somewhere over $54,000, and they are in contact for eight months. » He said 2,500 courses in 2017-18 were taught by full-time faculties, or 72 percent, while school teachers taught 979 courses. At the University of Windsor, two-thirds of faculty appointments are fixed-term contracts. Chandra Pasma, co-author of the report, said this type of attitude harms students. « It can be very different if the faculty has to leave the second class, if it`s to teach a job at another university or if it has to work as a waiter at a local restaurant, » Pasma said. She adds that contract faculties do not receive the resources to connect people with students or to ensure that their material is up to date. One example he highlighted was the care program. He said, the temporary contract faculty to work in this program as professional nurses whose knowledge cannot be duplicated by other professionals. « The working conditions of the faculty are the learning conditions of the students, » she said. « While most contract faculties are excellent teachers, in many cases this can only affect the quality of the training. » You have successfully supported and participated in the research-intensive culture of your faculty or faculty, while ensuring excellence in teaching and learning. They create a student culture and ensure that the faculty and institution are a positive and welcoming place for all students. The ideal candidate will have an understanding or experience of high-level sport, particularly political post-secondary variability and regulation of sport. They will also have a diverse understanding of Canada`s sport and recreation systems and key trends in the province and country.

You will understand how to work successfully in an environment with several collective agreements including university faculty members, athletic and recreation staff, coaches and athletes. You will also have the experience of reconciling the importance of the academic department with the role of athletics and leisure services for the university community. You have experience building and maintaining strong community engagement through values-based partnerships.

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