Sabbatical Agreement Template

4.3 Proposal content criteria. The sabbatical proposal will include (1) a study, research, travel or other activities proposed by the applicant to assist the college by improving the quality of the faculty member`s contribution to the university`s mission and objectives or the faculty member`s ability to contribute to the college`s mission and objectives; (2) a review of a committee of peers of the plan, in which a positive assessment of the proposal and the indication that the proposal used, if any, peer contributions, including all or at least four teachers mandated in the applicant`s direct discipline; (3) Plans to disseminate the results of sabbaticals at the CCA and a follow-up report containing an element of peer review of the sabbatical experience. In some cases, an employer may be required to hire a new employee to play the role of worker on sabbatical. When an employer wishes to replace a worker who remains employed during the sabbatical, it must ensure that any replacement worker is hired for a limited time and that the fixed life ends as soon as the original worker returns to work. In some situations, it may be possible to agree on a return date with the employee and include it in the Sabbath agreement. Otherwise, employers should ensure that they set reporting obligations for the worker`s return to the workplace and, if necessary, set limits for the maximum length of sabbatical. It is also advisable to set reporting requirements when the worker decides that he or she does not wish to return to the workplace. An employer has the option of taking time off in all situations that they feel they are entitled to leave. However, the most common reasons for a leave agreement are the same reasons as those mentioned in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Of course, the FMLA only applies to employers and workers who meet certain criteria.

Workers continue to have a legal right to leave if they continue to work during the sabbatical, which should also be clearly stated in the Sabbath agreement. Another consideration for a Sabbath contract is whether the employee is required to return ownership of the company during the sabbatical, such as the laptop, mobile phone, company car or security passport. We offer sabbaticals as an advantage to encourage our employees to innovate, gain knowledge and pursue their interests (for example. B, volunteering, travel, research, writing). It`s a way to reward employees who have worked with us for a long time. We also want to encourage them to rejuvenate and develop their abilities. You [can] take your sabbatical to extend your standard PTO and vacation. Absence agreements benefit employers and workers in different ways. Normally, we expect you to return to your position (or equivalent) at the end of your sabbatical. If our company is required to lay off employees during the sabbatical (z.B. if the subsidiary closes, we will comply with the legal requirements for redundancy and severance pay.

We will also pay for all accumulated leave and sick leave. It is wrong to think that a worker does not have to be considered for discretionary bonuses or benefits simply because he or she is absent during the sabbatical. However, it is possible for an employer to respect a discretion bonus on the basis that the bonus should only be paid to employees working for the employer, or where the employer can prove that an audit of the right to the discretionary bonus has been carried out and that a statement has been provided to the worker if necessary. Employers should ensure that the position on the right to the premium and all other discretionary benefits is clearly stated in the sabbatical contract to avoid future conflicts.

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