Paris Agreement Anniversary

This radical change in reference is absolutely crucial: from « reduce » to « transform, » a number of temporary solutions are no longer relevant. The financial sector was the first to recognize the value of a long-term vision to inform current decisions and avoid failed assets. We now see that, more importantly, this is a key factor in social and political success: in Spain, the honesty of negotiations with trade unions on the gradual abandonment of coal has enabled an ambitious agreement on economic diversification, the development of new skills, etc. Before Paris, we put forward inappropriate options; Now the race for net zero has begun, but not fast enough. This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, launched at the UNFCCC COP21. The historic legally binding treaty between 189 countries was an important step towards a sustainable, low-carbon future and the nebulization of the effects of man-made climate change. My relationship with the COP21 summit is very special and has been a turning point in the way I use my music to stimulate behavioral changes and positive social effects. The COVID 19 epidemic has not overshadowed climate problems. On the contrary, it reminded us of the urgent need to work together to find sustainable solutions for the future of the planet and to effectively protect people, including against diseases transmitted by animals to humans. In the face of these global challenges, France is more mobilized than ever and is working to strengthen climate multilateralism. On 12 December 2020, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, several events will be organised to stress that we must all fully commit ourselves to the fight against global warming. I`ve seen too much destruction and death from the floods.

My country has had too much grief. For the next five years, I want not only goals that are truly in line with the Paris agreement, but also concrete plans on how to achieve these goals. On the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, we asked five young climate activists from around the world who participated in the Mock COP26 event: what do you hope for the next five years of the Paris Agreement? And what is at stake if we don`t act harder? At the beginning of 2016, shortly after the euphoria, the first criticisms and difficulties arrived. Will this agreement be « binding » enough to take advantage of radical changes in the fight against climate change? Will the long-term neutrality objective be robust and effective or will it facilitate greenwashing and non-binding announcements? After the withdrawal of the United States, does the Paris agreement still make sense? Ironically, global CO2 emissions have even started to rise again… In the meantime, countries would meet within the COPs to finalize the « regulation » of the agreement and argue over technical issues that are essential for future implementation, but certainly not attractive. I hope, for the next five years, to see the change that we have expected and need and that we need to be part of it. We know what we have to do — politicians know what it takes. they have signed several treaties and agreements. The only thing missing is the real will to do something, to change for the better.

Home > News > 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement: France is more mobilized than it (…) But the states are in a way the weak link in today`s architecture. Together, they played a major role in the preparation and communication of their INDCs, weeks before the 2015 Paris meeting, and thus signalled their political will to reach an agreement on the basis of real and effective measures. At the time, deficiency assessments showed that the sum of their contributions deviated significantly from the status quo, although it was clearly not sufficient to achieve the « significantly below 2oC » target. This was normal at the time: they had prepared these INDCs in a different context and before each comprehensive agreement.

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