Coalition Agreements Definition

Refugees/Family Reunification: The previous government (also a CDU/SPD grand coalition) suspended the right of refugees with « limited protection » to pick up their families. The new coalition agreement stipulates that this will be limited to 1,000 people per month. In addition, the total number of asylum seekers received will be limited to 180,000 to 220,000 per year. Angela Merkel`s conservatives insisted not to make any further concessions to the Social Democrats before the coalition`s formal negotiations began. SPD delegates are due to vote on the provisional agreement next week. (14.01.2018) Defence and development: the coalition agreement is vague on this point and commits to spending an additional €2 billion ($2.46 billion) on « international responsibility » and medium-term investment plans of around €9 billion, but the subject remains a controversial one between the parties. All investments in development will be linked to an increase in defence spending. The German Social Democrats and Angela Merkel`s conservatives have signed a coalition agreement. The DW is studying its plans for the future of the country. Germany`s Social Democratic Party is about to vote to negotiate another so-called grand coalition with Angela Merkel`s conservatives.

If the party says « no », the Chancellor`s options may be lacking. (21.01.2018) Christ democrat (CDU) Angela Merkel is Chancellor.

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